How to get baby’s first haircut done

Haven’t we all been through the struggles of getting a haircut done which inevitably results in a crying and screaming baby with a horrible haircut? If not, then you are probably contemplating and questioning if your child really needs a haircut or not. Here we are to ease a little tension off with the following tips which will help you survive a haircut because trust us, your baby really needs one.

  • You need to be very smart with the timings. If you are close to your child then you probably know their schedule – when they wake up or eat or get fussy. Choose such a time when they are in good mood or asleep to get done with the trim immediately without creating a big deal out of it.
  • Distract them with whatever and however you can. Make sure that you bring along their favourite toy or possession that would keep them busy. If you can manage to allow them screen time then make sure that you use that allowance for when they get a haircut so that they are lost in the video and distracted from the surroundings.
  • Let the child see and experience the endeavour. Bring them along to the kids hair salon JLT when you get your own haircut done or their sibling’s. This will eliminate the fear of haircut and scissors from their head.
  • Try to avoid scary words such as cut or scissors or blade and any such thing as they can freak anyone out. Try to aim for tamer words such as trim or snip which would allow them to look at the brighter side instead of getting scared of the experience.
  • Always choose a kid friendly salon. They have so many equipments and such trained staff to specifically deal with children that you wouldn’t even think of such ways to distract children. For example, a kid friendly salon would position your child in such a comfortable position that they face away from the mirror to stay away from the horrors.
  • As if the thought of getting a haircut wasn’t scary enough, the dark coloured cape is probably going to freak out kids even more so bring a change of clothes which you can toss away once you are done with the haircut.

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