Benefits of Having a UAE Residence Visa

Being a resident of any country is a privilege because you get to have dual nationality at the same time. But being an expat in UAE is another kind of privilege, there are more than many benefits if you have the UAE residency visa. First, you must understand that how you can get this visa. You can either apply for it or you can get it if you have a strong business going in UAE. Or if you have spent more than 20 years in UAE, then you can get a long-term UAE residence visa, some people also called freelance visa as a residence visa but that is not correct at all.

There are very rare cases in where people have taken refugee in UAE, but that will have many investigations and interrogations. Even there have been cases where the secret services have also visited the homes of the victims and if what they said was wrong, they could be banned from coming to UAE for the rest of the lives. So, make sure to apply with rules and regulations. Now, coming to the benefits, if you have residency visa, you will be open to visit different countries that will be visa free. Which means that half of the countries will be free for you to visit at any time but for a limited period of duration and that will have no cost expect for the tickets. You will be open to open any kind of bank account and you can apply for as much loan as you want. There are people who have so much vintage in UAE that they can apply for a business loan for a start up and for some of them even the locals have given their guarantee.

You can apply for car loan and you can travel anywhere in UAE without paying extra taxes. And if you do a good business there you will have different exemptions from paying taxes. But people have different ideas of getting UAE residency visa as well, the most famous of them is that you can marry a local, either you are a man or a woman, if you marry a local, you will be given residency visa and citizenship right away for the rest of your life and there will be no visa renewing stress.

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