Where is bulletproof glass used?

Bullet proof glass is an important invention for the safety of the users but they are not necessary for every person and also not everyone will afford to get that as they are expensive. Many people who are living happily without the fear of any enemy will not need to get this glass but sometimes people will like to get bulletproof glass for cars because it will not only provide the safety from bullet but also from many other foreign object and protect while the car encounter with any accident. There are different places that need this bullet resistant glass for sure and these places are as follows:

Banks: Banks are the most eligible places for these glass installations as there is always a threat of the banks. There will be robberies in there and the lives of managers and other staff will be at stake. In order to reduce the threat there will be bullet proof glass installed outside the cabins of manager and the asset area so that the people inside that area will get the time to inform police and other security organizations about the robbery.

Police station: This place will provide the security to other people but it will have the threats from the bad people so these bullet proof glasses are placed there for the protection also the police shields which they used while any protest will be made of this bulletproof glass but with a thin layer so that it will be easier to carry around.

Hotels: Hotels that will be open 24 hours a day and that will be used for meetings of foreign delegates will use that bullet proof protection for their safety and for the safety of their clients. This glass will provide a sense of security to the customers and then they will prefer these hotels that have bullet proof glass on their windows and doors.

Schools: Most of the schools are now using bullet proof glass doors at the entrance and bullet proof windows that open to the outside so that they will protect their students and the entire school from any forced entry or threat. Most of the bigger schools that have some kids of famous personalities will have to do this arrangement because these people have more threats and they want protection for their kids as well.

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