Things to know before you deliver cakes

With the increased trend of online birthday cake delivery in Dubai more people are starting this as a profession. Some of them start on a bigger level and open a new bakery and some of them start on a smaller level and sell their cakes and provide dessert delivery Dubai form home. No matter if you have a bakery or you work from home, you need to take care of your orders when you deliver them. There are several things you need to take care because if you deliver a messy and smashed cake then no will going to pay you or give you order next time. Here are a few basic things which you need to know about cake delivery:

Charges: If a person is going to place you order and ask to deliver it at the door step then either you should add the delivery charges in the main amount or you have to tell them these charges separately. You should never go for having loss of your income because this delivery process will take your time and resources. You need to hire few delivery men, you need to pay them and you need to pay for the fuel too so you have to get this amount from your customer.

Packaging: You need to make your cake adjusted accurately in box for delivery. You can also make special boxes to provide extra strength and support to your cake because if the cake loses the balance during delivery then it might slips to one side and it will ruin the appearance of your cake. You have to be really concerned about this matter because customers may sue you for embarrassing them in front of their guests with the ruined shaped cake. 

Plan properly: When you are proving delivery option to people then you need to be more specific about it. If you are at the starting point then you need to avoid delivery at faraway places because they will need more attention and time. You have to plan about the places in which you can deliver easily and then you have to mention all these places clearly at your website. For other people you should provide them the option of take-away instead of totally refusing them to place order. They will get their cake and get responsibility of it. 

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