How to Keep Guests Entertained at an Event?

Whether it is a conference or a business meeting, corporate food catering can turn an important event into a great success. The key to successful corporate catering is in the planning.

If you find yourself in such a situation any time, the following discussed points can help you out winning accolades for arranging such arrangements on such short notice. Try to compile a menu that will feed the maximum number of attendees.

Keep the Event Short

Corporate seminars tend to be more informal than other events so they require food catering service providers who can work fast and keep their guests entertained. Most corporate events are often held in the morning or afternoon, so they do not last too long. These events attract a lot of people who travel in from different parts of the country and even from around the world. When they return home, most of them are hungry and thirsty so you may have to organize a variety of activities to feed them. For example, you can organize a welcome meeting where people can meet and greet each other.

Informal Games

Another great idea is to arrange a variety of informal games such as card games and puzzles so that people can enjoy playing with others even if they are fed. It is important to note that food catering companies usually cater for a large number of guests so they may have to hire additional staff to take care of the cooking and serving. If you plan well, you can avoid such expenses since your caterers will only bill you based on the number of people you have invited and the price per person. You can use the money you save purchasing gifts for your guests.

Choice of Menu

It is better not to book a large number of chairs as everyone will get a chance to sit down. Most of the corporate meeting organizers provide each and every attendee with a menu. So, the choice of menu should be made according to what everyone likes to eat.

Book an Attractive Hall

When planning catering services in Dubai, it is better not to book a huge hall as it might look like overkill. So, a good corporate food catering company will do a decent job of offering a venue that looks professional but does not over-stretch your budget. Hiring a catering service provider to plan a business lunch on such a short notice can be a bit tricky.

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