Celebrities That were Accountants

There are many of us who do not know anything about math and if we look around in our friends circle or even the shopkeepers, they don’t know much math. A thing that we don’t know and the other person is doing that same errand for us, he or she automatically becomes respectable.

It is not easy to become an accountant and what is more difficult is finding a good job at a good accounting firm in Dubai or in TRC in Dubai. There are some people who were accountants but left their jobs because they could find a good one.

If you are also an accountant but you are tired of finding good job and you want to start off something new then we suggest that you read this post because here, you will read about celebrities that were first accountants;

  1. If you are a fan of UFC and MMA fighting grounds then you must be knowing about Chuck Liddell. He is a very young and strong fighter and he started as a junior fighter and become a very famous one soon. You will be shocked to know that he attended the California Polytechnic University and he got graduate doing BBA and he did masters in accounting in 1995. He did not knew that he had the fighter in him when he was a student because he was in school wrestling.
  2. The next is Kenny G and he is a musician. His full name is Kenneth Bruce Gorelick and he the most famous saxophonist and he is said to be the best selling instrumental musician in the history. You will be shocked to know that he sold more than 75 million record and he is a record holder of holding the e-flat on a saxophone for 45 minutes and 47 seconds and you will be shocked to know that he had a degree in accounting from Washington.
  3. The next is Eddie Izzard and she is a comedian and she got her accounting degree from University of Sheffield. There was a bright side of Izzard as well and she loved to go to karaoke bar where there would be the segment of cracking jokes and she became a full time comedian when she was insisted of being one again and again.
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