20 interesting facts about fashion and clothes

Scroll down and read some of the interesting facts about clothes and fashion!

  1. Study proves that women do not perform well in mathematics when they are dressed in swim suits.
  2. Patients trust doctor more when they are wearing white coat.
  3. Scientists say that IQ of people increase when they are wearing white coat unless it is not the white that painter wear.
  4. People stand away from people who are wearing unfashionable and shabby clothes, unconsciously.
  5. A person looks thin and slim when he or she wear one-colored dress or clothes.
  6. People look large when they are wearing patterned clothes or dresses.
  7. More than 90 percent of women have at least one dress or clothing item that they have not worn once in their life.
  8. Employees can get promotion faster than their fellows if they dress like their boss or employer.
  9. People feel that they are strong and brave when they wear the costume of Superman.
  10. People run more towards that person who is wearing red clothes than the person who is wearing blue clothes.
  11. People become aggressive and brutal who wear the uniform that is related to brutality. The uniform of soldiers and police are the best examples of it.
  12. A female applicants get job easily who wear male-like clothes.
  13. Majority of people find men trustworthy who wear tailored-suits.
  14. Women wear pants two times more when they are depressed than when they are happy.
  15. Athletes greet their fellows faster who are wearing similar kits.
  16. Skirts are the clothing of women but it used to be the clothing of women and men in past. That’s the reason why Scottish men are seen in skirts.
  17. The fashions shows began during Renaissance. During Renaissance, the designers put on clothes on dolls to show them to public. After 1850s, the fashion models were hired to organize fashion shows.
  18. Although low waist baggy pants are trendy nowadays, they were worn by prisoners in LA because they did not have belt to keep their bottoms at place.
  19. People used to think that women are unfaithful if they have short hair in past.
  20. Ties were invented in Croatia.

So these are some of the interesting facts about clothes and fashion. Although we say that we don’t follow fashion, we value them subconsciously. Many women buy western dresses and modest dresses in Dubai but they try their best to buy such clothes which are in trend as well.

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