Summer holidays are one of the best moments due to various fun activities that are available to bond with family, friends, and lovers. Camping is one of the events that never gets old. Nature is here to stay so does camping. Some people are never finding the campsite as fun due to a variety of reasons, but for those that know how to make camping a fantastic experience, several activities are involved during the camping period. Some fun events can make camping excellent with kids and men who are kids by heart.

Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is an involving task for both kids and adults. It involves naming specific things based on different alphabets. For instance, calling countries that begin with alphabet A, boy’s names that start with alphabet C, girl’s names that are initiated by the alphabet B, and so forth. The game can go on until all the ideas have been exhausted, but it can never get boring because the challenge gets more desperate with time. The young children can be given fundamental tasks while teenagers and adults can handle more complex requests. The alphabet game can be played anywhere and anytime so long as the family members or lovers are together. For example, it can be performed while taking a nature walk, waiting for meals, fishing, and many others.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt involves picking specific items on trails. It is best when the family members are divided into groups depending on their number. Some questions are set of different pathways, and each group is asked to pick the correct amount of objects. For example, one group could be sent to pick ten hibiscus flowers that have been played on a nature trail while another group could be asked to select sticks that have been set on rocks of a river bank. The activity also helps with sightseeing while searching for the familiar objects. A prize can be provided for the winners to make the players more determined and avoid laziness.

Dance Battles

Music is all a family needs for dance battles. Since dancing styles are likely to differ for kids and adults, the children can compete with each other while adults can battle each other in their way. Dance battles can never get boring in the company of kids and men who are kids by heart. Since dancing gets tiresome after a short while, it is best done when waiting for meals, before midday or evening before going to sleep. Dancing is not only a fun activity but also checks the body vitals.


Fishing is an everyday camping activity, and most people love it. A significant fact about fishing is that all family members can enjoy it even if others are not practically doing it. Young children who cannot fish can merely enjoy the boat ride and sightseeing while the others are fishing. Also, fishing can be paired with other fun activities such as singing, the alphabet game, swimming, picking water objects, and others. A family can fish for as long as they wish until the members get satisfied.



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