Hunting is a practice of trapping or killing animals, tracking or pursuing them with the intention of killing them. Hunting of wildlife is commonly done to provide food, or recreation activity. Nevertheless, it is a way of removing a dangerous predator to domestic animals and human beings. Poaching is distinguished from the lawful hunting.

Poaching is the illegal killing, capturing, or trapping of the wild animals. Hunting is also considered as a way of controlling pests. Different organizations have stated that hunting is another mechanism of controlling the wildlife. However, the excessive hunting has greatly contributed to endangerment of many animals.

Hunting Regulations

For any hunting activity to go on, landowner permission has to be obtained. The department of fisheries and wildlife management are responsible for these regulations. They may vary from state to state. Depending on the area you live, you may consult the personnel around you.

Hunter Education

Taking a hunter education is very important. This is why the hunting sport has remained to be a good recreation activity. Hunters are taught the basic education, which is authorized by the wildlife department, before buying a hunting license. The skills and the knowledge is very important to become a responsible and safe hunter. To become a responsible hunter you should be able to poses the below factors:

  • ¬†You should always think about the safety.
  • You must value the land and treat it with respect.
  • You must develop a good code of conduct and make sure to follow it.
  • Take full responsibility of all your actions, including the mistakes and the possible remedy.
  • Do not be a person who abuses the privileges.
  • You must protect the wildlife.
  • Display good behaviors when you come across other hunters.

License Exemptions

Regardless of attending the hunting classes, you have to meet other conditions. A person who is visually impaired, multiple amputee, or deemed unfit by the social security administration, is not allowed to purchase the license.

Before you get the license, you have to prove your disability status, residency, and the age. This makes it safe by reducing a number of accidents while hunting or trapping. A person, who obtains a license through false information, is guilty. He or she might be fined $2,000, or a prison jail term of one year, or even both.

Hunter Orange

Hunter orange regulation requires a person to put on a fluorescent orange. This is very important especially when using firearms to hunt the deer. The visibility from other hunters is very important. It helps in reducing the accidents. However, it is also encouraged that the hunters should be able to carry the light while walking in the dark or leaving after the dark.

Hunters Pride

Hunters do have many things, which they pride themselves. They have played a key part in improving the wildlife habitat, relocation of the species, driving the species back from edge of extinction. This is a very rich and long heritage, which brings reward in various aspects, and passing the hunting sport to the next generation.


The authority has played a big role in ensuring that there is safe hunting activity. This has made it to be seen as a good recreation activity and not a threat to wild animals.



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