Nothing speaks about summer than backyard camping. This is the best way to quench your craving for old-fashion fun for your family without going too far from home and feeling closer to nature. Backyard camping has loads of amazing experiences, memories, and fun. This entertainment has no age limit and is best for your family. If your house is small to accommodate the friends and family for the night, backyard camping is the best resort. Tents, campfire, snacks, traditional food, and sleeping bags are some of the things you need to have.

Below are the best tips on how to design a backyard camp:

Set Up the Tent for the Bedding

You will need to know the number of members joining you for the camping to determine the number of tents to set up. Ensure that you have someone with knowledge on how to assemble tents. The tent should be strong and of high quality and camp-in to keep you safe from insects, rain, and wind. For the bedding, have soft materials to lie on such as a blow-up mattress, camping cots, and thick mats. You will also need lightweight sleeping bags and cotton blankets for the night. You can also include toys for the kids.

Set Up Sitting Area

Lawn chairs and portable picnic tables will make the seating area awesome. You can lay a strong mat on the ground for relatives to relax their muscles as they replenish their stomachs with food and drinks. The area should be dry, free from ant hills, and insects. A doggy do-do sweep and a spray will help you get rid of these irritants. You should have bug spray, bug zappers, and citronella candles in place. Make sure to keep all these away from children’s reach. Children are well known to unintentionally cause disasters and ruin parties by engaging or handling things that is dangerous to them. Assign one adult the duty to oversee the kids’ activities.

Prepare Food and Drinks

It is important to have some food in time for the kids who sleep early. You can also order out online. Pizzas, chips, and cold drinks are the best to prepare in time. It depends on the number of people you are facilitating. For hot summers, you will need iced drinks and homemade snacks and treats such as fries, chocolate chip cookies, hot dogs, and fries. The meals will depend on the time of the day or night.

Enjoy Eating Together as a Family

You may decide to eat indoor or outdoor if it is a traditional meal. This moment should be special, and everyone should join the family by talking, making some jokes and keeping family entertained. This facilitates more bonding and control the rate of feeding. Make the moment memorable by capturing some photos of the meals and family members in the setting. You will definitely forget that you are behind your home and get carried away by the new exclusive setting. Phones and computers should be kept at bay! Kids should be enjoying their adventure with questions and be planning on what to do after the meal.

Enjoy Post-Dinner Activities

This involves adult’s creativity, and it should be the time to teach kids how you used to have fun in the older days. They should learn and love new games, and techniques that they will remember in future camping. Narrate to them made up stories and don’t mention about ghosts during the around-the-fire stories. They will cry and chicken out with the ghost narrations at night.

Below are some of the activities you can engage in to achieve the real feeling of camping similar to that of forest camping:

Before-Dark Activities

Play some games such as Squirrel Tag where one person is the squirrel catcher and the other the squirrel on the trees. The trees may be real or the lawn benches. When the catcher shouts “Squirrel Scramble” all squirrels should rush to adjacent trees without being tagged. Getting tagged makes you the new squirrel catcher. Other games are Hop and Crawl, Bucket Brigade, and Catch the Bunny.

After-Dark Activities

Lighting a bonfire is the best moment at night. The fire should be controlled to avoid an accident. The whole camping is lit up and classic. You can use terracotta if your space does not allow a bonfire. Children should be supervised not to be overwhelmed by the fire and cause trouble. You can also roast marshmallows, grill nachos, S’mores on Stick, and grilled cheese tents. Lastly, you can play ghost games, flashlight finders, engage in stargazing, and turn on some music for the late night experience.


These tips are a complete guide to travel no further than your backyard to spend quality time and create new memories with your family without worrying about safety. This is the best way to have terrific sleepover parties and celebrations. Tag someone along the next time you plan backyard camping!


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