Camping is any outdoor activity that involves spending nights away from homes. This takes place shelters like the tent. Generally, many people leave their homes for the natural one to have fun. For it to be camping several nights are spent outdoors. This distinguishes it from other day activities like the picnic. You can enjoy your camping activity throughout the four seasons. However, there are various forms of camping such as:

  • Adventure camping
  • Backpacking
  • Dry camping
  • Bicycle camping
  • Reenactment camping
  • Glamping
  • Canoe camping

Whatever the form of camping you would like to have, it is very important to make adequate preparations. This will help you in having a successful camping activity.

Research your destination

This is a very important protocol to consider. When you get to learn something concerning your destination, you will be able to know what to carry with you. If your destination is next to a river, you might need to ask yourself several questions such as, will it be raining? Do you need a mosquito net? Are there snakes or other dangerous animals? You need to be much conversant with your destination. You can also consult the pack rangers on what to be cautious for. Additionally, they will also advise you on the regulations of the destination, like having fires or the areas not to cross.

Health and Medical Issues

As you get ready for the camping activity, consider the health issues of the members in the group. Below are some of the important considerations to check:

  • Shots and Vaccinations. It is good very important to make sure that all your vaccinations in good conditions. The tetanus shots should be current. The allergy shots should be current as well.
  • Keep a list. Make sure you have a list of medications, doctors name and the phone number, names of all people going for the camp. In case of any emergency, you will need this list.
  • Prescriptions and Medications. It is very prudent to make sure you have prescriptions ahead of the time, and always have a copy of the same with you. This will be of great help in the case whereby your medications get lost.

Below are some of the thing you should not do while camping. It is very important to observe these. As much as the wild animals are quite interesting to see, they will always remain to be wild animals. Majority of the people camping, normally forget the danger they pose.

  • Never feed any wild animal. When you feed them, it can be very harmful for the animal. You will make them to become more aggressive as they adapt human being and the food.
  • At any given case, never come in between a wild animal and its young one.
  • Never touch or get any closer to a wild animal. It does not matter how tame they appear to be.
  • Never leave campfire without supervision.
  • Never move around alone
  • Never leave your pet locked inside the vehicle.
  • Never operate a fuel source next to each other
  • Follow the parks guideline at all given times.
  • Make sure you have a first aid kit, which has the following items:
    • Safety pins
    • Cotton swabs
    • Antibiotic cream
    • Roll bandages
    • Adhesive bandages
    • Snake bit kit
    • Sunburn ointment
    • Eye drop
    • Thermometer
    • Sterile gauze pads
    • Ace bandages
    • Antibiotic soaps
    • Moleskin for blisters
    • Nail clippers

The above list is just supplies of the important things to consider. Generally, each individual’s needs will differ depending on the size and purpose of the tool. Now you’re all set and ready. Last thing to bring with you – the excitement and the thrill! It’s an adventure anyway.



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