There is so much fun and overwhelming experience at stake when you go camping in Illinois. And you can tag along your kids to enjoy the moment with the entire family. But to complete this outdoor adventure, there are things you need to get covered if you don’t want your camping trip with the kids to be a total write-off.

Map to your destination

With the new age of GPS devices, most people consider a map so unnecessary. But even with the advancement in technology, it is important to always carry yourself an old fashioned map. Since you will be tagging your kids along, you can also engage them by having duplicates of the map. They don’t have to be the exact map but something that will make them feel part of the adventure.

Water and food

This may sound obvious but most people overlook this important item. Most people plan to buy food along the way while some assume they will go hunting. But you can pack some fruits, snacks and fresh foods. For the kids, make sure you have some ice cream.

Torch or lantern

When it comes to this item, don’t take just one, have at least two lanterns or torches. It is also advisable to carry some spare batteries with you just in case your source of light fails you. The kids should also be part of the fun, so you can include some animal-shaped flashlight.

Waterproof clothing

This is the other item that’s never included in the camping kit. However, if you are going to a campsite next to a water body in Illinois then you will need some waterproof clothing. Even if the sky looks clearer, it can still rain anytime of the day.

First-aid kit

When you go out camping, there is so much risk you and your kids will be exposed to. You can get bitten or cut yourself. So make sure you have a well-equipped first-aid kit. It should include gauze, tweezers, tape, antiseptic fluid and tape.

Preparing for the camping

Before going to the camp, it is advisable to practice camping at home. If your kids are outdoor newbies, you can try pitching a tent in your backyard or in your home if there is space.

You can also take a trial run. So before your overnighter, try going out for a family day out at any park in Illinois. Go to the lakeshore and monitor your kids’ reaction. If they like the experience then prepare for the real thing.

Take notes along the way and before and during the camping experience. This will help you prepare better for the next trip. If you didn’t pack enough sunscreen or snacks last time, you will prepare better for later.

And with that in mind, you should now be able to explore Illinois with your kids. But even as you pack your things for the trip, you need to understand that kids are packers. So give them the responsibility to pack their own gears then double check to confirm they have everything they need.



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