My name is Dave Brantley and together with my wife and 3 kids, we have made a small group for campers, like us, in our community.

This was just a family interest a few months ago (well my interest at first), and now we have managed to convince more families and some circle of teenagers to join us when we explore the beauty of nature. At this age when most of the kids are engaged in online gaming and gadgets, our objective is to let them experience the old school way of having fun outdoors. True enough, there’s no greater social bonding when you talk to one another, listen to others people’s personal encounter of their stories and have fun and be thrilled at the same time. It can be an outlet to some – an escape from the busy world that is almost taking your lifetime everyday. I don’t encourage you to do camping everyday, because I also understand how to be an adult with responsibilities. I work as Computer Systems Engineer by the way. But I guess hunting, camping, fishing, or just spending some time outdoors with nature really gives me more courage to be well in life. Nature can also uplift your spiritual being, and I strongly believe in that aspect.

I made this blog in order to reach out and inform everyone what it’s like to be ‘us’ outdoors. I shall give you tips and everything you need to know if you start finding the time to hunt or to camp out alone, or with family or friends. Oh did I just say you go out alone? You can do that, but camping is all about making a ‘big circle’ of friends, of family bonding and of influence as well.

Our small organization has just started setting up the process, the schedule & itineraries and the membership guidelines. Perhaps, we think a bit of control to systematize everything is needed since our family is getting bigger. If you happen to be around the area, feel free to send us an email or contact us for further details.

I am hoping this can be a great start of our friendship. Trust me, this has helped me find more quality time with my family, and apparently, more quality time with myself.